Good Shepherd Lutheran Church | Burnsville, MN


At Good Shepherd we have the opportunity to connect with people on many different levels. We desire your experience with us to be positive, uplifting and faith building. Here’s what people are saying:

“Our family attends worship at Good Shepherd church. Our daughter was at Good Shepherd Lutheran school during grades 4-8. We were very happy with the teachers, school activities & most of all, the education & Christian character building. Our daughter also liked the school, kids & teachers. Thank you, Good Shepherd Lutheran staff, for all your time & talents!” ~ Karla Dombrock

“My family has been coming here for church ever since I was little. I used to be a student here at the school and Graduated in 2011, and I was a member of the church’s Confirmation Class of 2011. I have worked with so many awesome members, teachers, and pastors who have taught me so much! I have so many GREAT memories being a part of the school/church! And I pray that God lets the school and church keep up the excellent work for the future years to come!” ~ Paul Carmichael

“Great church! Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. This church is also community centered & interested in the well-being of the people in the community. There are many ways to become involved with this church. I miss the people at Good Shepherd, as my husband & I moved out of state. It was not easy to find another church to give us the same welcoming that Good Shepherd. We have found another church in Kansas but will always attend a service at Good Shepherd when visiting the Burnsville area.” ~ Jean Thompson Flaherty

“After 26 years as members, we have developed so many friendships at Good Shepherd that are now like family. We’ve found people to be very supportive and always helpful when needed. There are so many ways to get involved that everyone can find a way to serve and to have their needs met. We are also blessed to have a school which has trained many children who now serve their Savior as adults.”  ~ Judy and Arnie Bousley

“Our family has attended Good Shepherd since 2009. The girls were able to start school at Good Shepherd in Kindergarten and Preschool. They love the school, teachers and fellow students. The students have a shared spirit and heart about them that is kind, caring and respectful. We value the private education and family environment and solid Christian teaching. We are blessed to be a part of Good Shepherd School and thankful for the education and wonderful relationship the girls have developed there. As active leaders in ministry at Good Shepherd, we know that as a church we are constantly working to provide relevant, engaging and experiential events and opportunities to connect people to a ministry where we all grow in our appreciation and understanding of God’s Word, grace and love.” ~ Christy Geiger

If you have a testimonial of how Good Shepherd has, or is, supporting your family and life, please share it via email! We’d also love it if you shared pictures you’ve taken at one of our events and do appreciate feedback, insights and suggestions! Please share via email. Thank you!