Good Shepherd Lutheran Church | Burnsville, MN

Enrollment Process

Current Families

Enrollment for current families is now open please enroll your students here prior to May 15, 2017.

New Families

On behalf of the faculty and staff we thank you for the interest that you have shown in Good Shepherd Lutheran School.  We feel that it is an honor and privilege to be able to serve families by providing a Christ-centered school for their children.

It is certainly important that we educate children to be responsible and productive citizens in this world.  We strive to teach the children in our care to faithfully use the gifts and talents which God has given to them.  More importantly, it is our goal to assist parents in preparing their children for eternity.  Through the work of our qualified and faithful teachers, Bible-based curriculum and Christ-centered atmosphere, we are confident that the Lord guides and blesses our efforts as we spiritually train the precious souls in our care.

Your first step for enrolling your child would be to call the school office at 952-953-0690 and schedule an appointment to come and visit.  This will give you an opportunity to tour the facility, ask questions, and give the principal some background information on your child.  Our principal will then give you a packet of information which you can read to help assure that our school will be the right fit for your child’s future education.

May the Lord bless your efforts as you make plans for your child’s future Christian education.


Enrollment Process


  1. Contact the school’s principal for information regarding the school
  1. Make an appointment for a visit with the school’s principal, take a tour of the school’s facilities, and receive a School Information Packet.
  1. Read through the materials in the School Information Packet and contact the principal regarding questions, clarification or further information.


  1. Complete the Registration Form, the Family-School Agreement and the Parent Statement
  1. Return the Registration Form, the Family-School Agreement and the Parent Statement to the principal.
  1. For all families, a $150 enrollment fee must be paid once notification of acceptance is given.

Interview and Acceptance

  1. The principal will meet with the family to familiarize the family with the school and its procedures. The principal will also inquire about the family’s needs and reasons for seeking Good Shepherd Lutheran School.
  1. The principal will contact the classroom teacher. The teacher will then contact the family and set up an appointment to test the student for academic readiness.  At this time the family may also receive more information on specific classroom procedures and expectations.
  1. The principal will discuss the testing results with the classroom teacher and consider the request for enrollment.
  1. The principal will notify the family of the school’s decision.
  1. Parents who are not members of WELS/ELS congregation will agree to attend an informational session. At least one parent/guardian must attend.


  1. Upon acceptance, further registration materials and forms will be given to the family. All forms and information must be returned and properly completed.
  1. Enrollment will begin after the above procedures have been satisfactorily completed.