Good Shepherd Lutheran Church | Burnsville, MN


Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Mission and Philosophy
  • Board of Child Discipleship
  • Teacher Accreditation
  • Admissions Policies
  • Christian Education Class
  • Tuition and Fees
  • Textbooks
  • Attendance
  • Health and Safety
  • Daily Schedule
  • Dismissal Procedures
  • After School Study Hall
  • Emergency Closing
  • Course of Study
  • Telephone
  • Student’s Worship Services
  • Discipline
  • Channels of Communication
  • Dress Code
  • Testing Program
  • Report Cards
  • Transportation
  • Band
  • Field Trips
  • School Pictures
  • Library
  • Athletic Policy
  • Home Visits
  • Church Attendance
  • Lamplighters-PTO
  • Computer Policy
  • Counseling Services
  • Our Prayer


This handbook provides information about our school for parents and other interested persons.   In it, you will find answers to questions that you may have regarding our school.  Inserts will be handed out containing any changes that arise during the school year.  After you have read this booklet, please file it in a place where it will always be available to you. You may want to refer to it on occasion during the school year.


Congregation Mission Statement

Grow with Purpose and Go with Passion!

Philosophy of the Congregation

Equip and empower the saints of God to influence their world for Christ!

School Mission Statement

Good Shepherd Lutheran School, in partnership with parents of Good Shepherd, area WELS/ELS congregations and the community, teaches and prepares young hearts and minds to grow in Christian faith and academic excellence for Christian service and leadership in their homes, congregations and communities.

Philosophy of the School

Good Shepherd Lutheran School (GSLS) is a ministry of Good Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran Church.  Its purpose is to assist parents within the congregation and within the community in the training and equipping of their children to demonstrate future Christian service and leadership in their homes, congregations and communities.  We carry out this purpose by keeping the Bible and a biblical perspective at the center of all of our curriculum, teaching, and activities.  To do this our faculty, staff and governance are grounded in Biblical truth and seek to teach and model Christian love and life to all our students.

To help carry out this purpose, we faithfully strive to:

  • Assist parents in nurturing the faith of their children by educating their children through a curriculum that teaches all subjects from a Biblical worldview and fosters a faith life of prayer, personal Bible study and worship;
  • Help each student to grow in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior;
  • Teach God’s Word diligently and systematically, incorporating its truth in all subjects;
  • Share the Gospel with families within Good Shepherd’s congregation, within other WELS/ELS congregations, and within the community by providing an excellent academic experience within a Christian, caring, and safe environment;
  • Develop the minds of the students through a challenging, developmental curriculum which encourages students to faithfully use the gifts God has given to them to the best of their ability;
  • Connect the curriculum to the students’ lives by encouraging them and teaching them how to live Gospel-motivated lives of service in all aspects

We pray that the parents and children will experience true growth, not just in the ways of the world, but most importantly in the Word of the Lord.  “Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18).


The operation of the school is entrusted to the Board of Child Discipleship (BCD) along with the principal and the pastors. The principal acts as the agent of the congregation and the Board in the direct administration of the school.  Full and final control, however, is vested in the congregation’s Voters’ Assembly.

The BCD is made up of 5 members.  The chairman is responsible for general oversight and personnel; the other 4 members oversee: long-range planning and school accreditation, finances and Kidz Club, church youth ministries, school publicity and recruitment.


Our full-time teachers are graduates of Martin Luther College, New Ulm, Minnesota, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education (B.S.E.).  Our part-time teachers also hold valid teaching degrees from Martin Luther College. Many teachers continue their education by taking extra courses during the summers.  A number of teachers undertake and complete programs resulting in Master’s Degrees and/or state certification.


Notice of Non-Discrimination
Good Shepherd Lutheran School admits students of any race, color, or national and ethnic origin. All students have the same rights and privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to the students at the school.  It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies and athletic or other school-administered programs.

Good Shepherd Lutheran School admits children grade Pre-K through the 8th grade. School-age students of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church are strongly encouraged to attend their school.

If class size forces enrollment to be limited, priority will be given according to the following criteria:

  • Children of members of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.
  • Children of members of other WELS/ELS churches.
  • Children of families that are not members of a Christian church.
  • Children of members of Christian churches other than WELS/ELS churches.

Entrance Requirements
Registration of new students may take place at any time.

Minnesota Law requires that all students entering a Minnesota public, private, or parochial elementary school for the first time be immunized against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, Hepatitis B and varicella (chicken pox).  (Forms are available from the school office).  These forms MUST be in by the first day of school, or the student may not attend until they are turned in.

Students should be five years of age on or before September 1 to be eligible for Kindergarten. Parents considering enrolling a Kindergartner who will not be 5 before the September 1st deadline, need to contact their district to arrange for an early entrance assessment.  The costs associated with that assessment are the responsibility of the parent.  Results of the assessment should be forwarded to GSLS.  GSLS still reserves the right to accept or decline the request for early enrollment.  State law requires a preschool screening must be done by the district and on file when the child enters Kindergarten.  Students enrolling in Kindergarten must have a physical examination before entering school.  Forms for this physical are available from the school office.

Students desiring to enter the first grade should have either attended Kindergarten the previous year or be six years old on or before September 1.
Students who have attended school elsewhere prior to enrolling in GSLS are asked to bring their last report card if a transcript of their credits is not first obtained from the previous school.

Cooperation and Participation
Before a student is enrolled at GSLS, the following provisions must be met:

  • That the parents/guardians are willing to have the student instructed in the doctrines of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).
  • That the parents/guardians will permit the student to take part in the usual school activities and school-related church services throughout the year.
  • That when the student is enrolled in the seventh and eighth grades, he/she will attend the pastor’s topical information class, unless special permission to do otherwise has been received from the Pastor.
  • That all parents/guardians who are not members of a WELS/ELS congregation attend the mandatory Christian Education Class as described below.


Families who are members of another Christian church will want to be sure that our school is the right fit in light of the differences in Biblical teachings.  Because our belief in the teachings of God’s Word permeates all areas of school life, we do not want to cause confusion for students who are already under the care of another Christian church. Since the school is operated by Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, our primary goal is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Parents who are not members of Good Shepherd or another WELS or ELS congregation, must participate in a 3-session Christian Education Class to become familiar with the beliefs and teachings of our church and school.  We feel it is important for parents to understand the purpose of our school and the religious doctrines that the children will be taught.

The goals of this class are to develop a basic understanding of the value and purpose of Christian education and the mission and philosophy of the school’s ministry; to instruct parents in the basic tenets of the Christian faith which is the foundation of our school’s ministry;

to familiarize parents with Scriptural direction concerning fellowship issues and how fellowship practices apply to our school’s ministry; and to fortify relationships with school parents while sharing God’s Word in the hope that all will know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

In general, the course will be completed in three consecutive evenings in the early part of the school year.  The principal will share dates and times with involved families.



All members of Good Shepherd congregation, including parents of students attending our school, are urged to join in the support of our school in recognition of their responsibility to provide students of the congregation with the best possible Christian training through generous and regular contributions as the Lord has blessed them.

Good Shepherd Lutheran School charges tuition to its students in order to help the congregation balance its Kingdom Work Plan expenditures between the school and other church functions.

Mindful of the impact that tuition could have on some families GSLC has created and established a Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). The program collaborates closely with new and existing parents, local Lutheran churches, the Good Shepherd Church members and the greater community in creating and establishing a means to provide parents financial assistance on an as-needed basis.  Parents interested in making use of the TAP should contact the principal.

The BCD will not deny any member child of Good Shepherd or other area WELS/ELS congregations the opportunity for a Christian education in the event of the family’s inability to pay tuition. The tuition rate is reviewed annually and is a percentage of the total cost to educate the students.  More information about tuition can be found in Appendix B.

Enrollment Fee
A non-refundable Enrollment Fee, paid per student, will be required to help cover the cost of consumable and non-consumable supplies and materials provided by the school for student use.  This fee allows the school to update its curriculum through a systematic replacement of old textbook series.

The enrollment fee must be paid in full before the student may attend classes, unless prior arrangements have been made with the BCD.

Payment Options
Unless special arrangements have been made with the BCD, tuition will be charged according to the normal rates established for each year. Pre-K tuition is billed separately and applies to all students enrolled.

A Tuition Payment Schedule Form indicating the commitment to pay and the payment schedule must be signed at registration.

There are several payment option available:

  • Full payment at registration.  A 4% discount applies.  The entire tuition amount must be paid on or before Registration Day.  Parents are encouraged to use this option as it helps the congregation pay the costs of purchasing books and supplies for the year.
  • Monthly payments.  All parents who are unable to pay their tuition amounts at registration time are required to sign up for a monthly automatic withdrawal system through a current checking or savings account. Proper forms are mailed with the registration packets in August, or they can be picked up throughout the year in the school office.  Families may choose 9 or 12-month payment plans.
  • Parents desiring to pay in any other manner must make their request to the BCD. Approval must be given by the BCD prior to implementation of any alternate payment plan.

The BCD reserves the right to reduce or forgive tuition payments based on demonstrated hardship or unusual circumstances.

Late Payments

If a tuition payment is more than 30 days late, or if an automatic payment has insufficient funds, the parents will be contacted by the BCD or other appropriate authority to see if Good Shepherd’s help is needed to remedy the situation.

Parents who have an account that is delinquent and have not worked out a payment plan through the BCD, will not be allowed to re-enroll their children for the next school year.

Non-Member Tuition Exception

There are times when parents who are not members of Good Shepherd or an areas WELS or ELS congregation may be looking to better understand the Biblical teachings of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.  To help educate parents and instruct them in the basic doctrines of the Bible as confessed by Good Shepherd and the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, the congregation offers to parents an instruction course that goes beyond the basics covered in the Christian Education Class.  New school parents who display faithful intent to complete this course will be charged the tuition rate for members of Good Shepherd for one year.  If, after that one year, the parents don’t complete the course or complete the course and do not wish to become members of Good Shepherd congregation, the full tuition rate for non-members will be charged in future years.


All school-owned textbooks are loaned to the students for use during the year.  Each student will be responsible for the books assigned to him/her.  Fines will be assessed for books which are lost or damaged through misuse. All school-owned textbooks must be covered with paper bags or some other inexpensive, removable book covers.

Parents are also required to purchase religious books for their students to keep as their own personal property.  Students in grades 1-8 will need to have a copy of the hymnal, Christian Worship, A Lutheran Hymnal.  Students in grades 3-8 also need a New International Version (“NIV”) Bible.


State law requires all school-age children to be in school every day; the only exception is a case of illness. In all cases of student absence or tardiness, parents should call the office (952-953-0690 or 952-432-5527) and leave a message before the school day begins.

If possible, parents are urged to make appointments with doctors or dentists outside of school hours.

Excessive absences and tardiness are a hardship for the students, the teachers, and the class. Please schedule vacations outside of school days as making arrangements for assignments are difficult and time-consuming.

If a student is absent more than twenty days, he/she may be put on probation and may be asked to repeat the grade.

To readmit a student to school after an absence, parents must send a written excuse to the school.  Pre-printed excuse forms are also available in the office.

Following an absence, the student will have make-up work.  Generally this can be made up in the same number of days as the student was absent. Plans to make up excessive amounts of late work must be worked out with the classroom teacher.


Health services are provided for GSLS students through the local school district (ISD #196).  State law makes such services available to parochial schools. Once a week a school nurse is on site for a portion of the day.  The school nurse conducts vision, hearing, and scoliosis screening annually for specified grades.

If a student becomes ill while at school, the teacher or office staff will phone the parents, who will make arrangements for the student to be picked up from school.

First aid supplies are available in the school for minor injuries.  Emergency cases will be handled according to directions on the registration forms.

Parents/physicians must complete the “Parent’s Medication Authorization Form” to authorize the  staff at GSLS to administer medications not covered on each student’s Emergency Card.

Students are instructed in proper emergency procedures by holding fire, intruder, and tornado drills.


The school day will follow a schedule which will be determined by the arrangements GSLS has with the public school transportation system.  The school doors are opened each day at 8:00 a.m.  Classroom instruction begins promptly at 8:30 a.m.  Bus students are dismissed at 2:30 p.m., and all other students are dismissed at 3:00 p.m.

Students brought by car should arrive between 8:00 a.m. and 8:15 a.m. so that they have time to recite memory work and prepare for the day.

Students are not permitted to leave the school premises during recess or school hours without written permission from the parent(s).

Students are not to play on the church or school grounds after dismissal or before school opening but rather go directly to their classrooms.  Unless prior arrangements have been made with the classroom teacher, students should arrive no earlier than 8:00 a.m. and be picked up promptly at 3:00 p.m. All students not picked up by 3:15 p.m. will go to after school care (Kidz Club) and parents will be expected to pay the appropriate fees. Parents should pick children up at the Kidz Club Room.


At the close of the school day for grades K-8, the procedure is to dismiss the students who ride the bus first.  Bus students will be dismissed from their classrooms at 2:30 p.m.  the hallway will be supervised to assure that all students get on their appropriate bus in time to leave at 2:40 p.m.  Other students are dismissed at 3:00 p.m.

Parent drivers are asked to wait in the west parking lot.  Teachers will guide the students to the west sidewalk to be picked up in the car line that forms outside the school door.

Students not taking the bus or being picked up by parents/relatives will be sent to Study Hall or Kidz Club.


A faculty member will be available to supervise an After School Study Hall each Tuesday – Friday in which school is in session.  This is for students in grades 5-8, and the study hall will be available from 3:00-4:00 p.m.

The students will meet in the classroom of the faculty member in charge.  The study hall time is to be used for doing homework or other class projects.  The teacher in charge will be available to assist the students attending.

If school work is not being done or disruptions occur, the student will be sent to the Kidz Club room and charged appropriate fees.

Parents are responsible for notifying the teachers when their children will be attending study hall. Parents can call the school office, write a note, or e-mail the teacher directly.  Plans should be made well in advance to avoid communication difficulties concerning end-of-day transportation.


In the event of severe weather or other emergencies, when District #196 (Rosemount, Apple Valley, Eagan) is closed, we are also closed.  Please watch KSTP TV channel 5 for possible school closing announcements or tune to WCCO radio AM 830.


A key component of each day is formal studies of Bible lessons, Luther’s Small Catechism, hymn study, or worship services. Students and teachers conduct devotions and pray together at various times during the day.  The pastors provide topical information instruction in the upper grades.

The academic curricula use language arts with reading, phonics, spelling, grammar and creative writing.  Mathematics, science, social studies, penmanship, music, art, computer, and physical education complete the program.  All secular subjects are taught in the light of God’s Word.

Memory work is a very important part of the student’s training in the truths of God’s Word.  Parents are urged to help their students in this work and to hear them recite the assignments before the students go to school.

Faithfulness in all matters is one of the marks of a Christian.  As such, homework is expected to be promptly completed as assigned.  The value of homework is that it helps to reinforce the concepts taught during the school day and teaches responsibility.  We encourage parents to support their students’ education by taking an active role at home.  Suggestions to consider are: setting aside a quiet work time and work area, listening to students’ memory work, listening to students read aloud, and discussing Word of God lessons.


The students must have permission from the teacher before they may use the phone. Because of many people using only two phone lines, use of the phone is limited.

If parents must call their students during the school day, they are urged to do so during the recess or noon breaks.

For Cellular phone usage see Appendix A – Miscellaneous.


On Wednesday mornings at 8:30 a.m., the students have the opportunity to worship and praise the Lord in a brief service conducted by the pastor(s) or one of our male teachers.  Parents are also welcome at these devotions.  Special mission projects are supported by the students’ offerings received at the services and in the classroom setting. Mission projects are chosen each year by the students.


Students at GSLS are expected to conduct themselves as Christian young people at all times, whether they are in school, on the playground, attending athletic events or participating in field trips.  Whenever our students and families are guests at other facilities, we encourage extra diligence in representing our Lord.  God’s Word is the guide for discipline in the school.

All the students attending GSLS must submit to the wholesome discipline of the Word of God (Ephesians 6:4).  Disciplinary actions have as their ultimate goal that the students would “Be imitators of God as dearly loved students and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us.” (Ephesians 5:1-2a)

Good school discipline is an integral part of the educational process and is necessary for meaningful learning experiences.  The presence of habitual behavior problems is not conducive to effective teaching/learning and is not tolerated.

Teachers make every effort to treat all students fairly, in accordance with God’s Word. Students owe implicit obedience to their teachers under the Fourth Commandment.  Students are expected to show this respect not only to their classroom teacher but also to all members of the staff.  All discipline in the school must be in keeping with the principles of the Word of God.  Parents of students in the school automatically extend their authority to the teacher while the students are at school.

To avoid the causes of disciplinary action, a student is responsible for knowing the school rules (see Appendix A). For the guidance and information of students and parents, the most common causes for disciplinary action are listed below. These are not necessarily all-inclusive.


A suspension is the removal of the student from the classroom or the school for a period of one to five days for disciplinary reasons.  Suspensions will ordinarily be implemented by the principal. In the absence of the principal one of the pastor(s) may suspend a student.  Students shall be re-admitted to school upon the expiration of the suspension period.

When a student is suspended for disciplinary reasons, the student will be given reduced grades for all work missed during the suspension period.  Make-up of any work missed during the suspension will be the responsibility of the student.

Causes for suspension after previous warning:

  • Fighting
  • Intimidating or harassing another person
  • Use of profane or inappropriate language. either verbally, in writing or by gesture
  • Cheating
  • Any act of defiance or disobedience either in language or in action against school personnel or refusal to comply with reasonable requests, orders or directions of school personnel

On the first occasion, the student will receive a warning by the classroom teacher and there will be a parent-teacher conference with the student present.  On the second occasion, the student will receive a final warning from the principal and there will be a parent-teacher conference with the student and the principal present.  On the third or subsequent occurrences there will be an immediate suspension and the parents will be required to meet with the teacher, principal and BCD to determine the student’s status at GSLS.  The principal will document all warnings and parental meetings to insure proper procedures are followed.

Possible causes for suspension on the first occasion:

  • Purposefully causing harm to another student or individual
  • Theft
  • Clearly articulated verbal or written threats to cause harm to others at church or school or to cause physical damage to church or school property
  • Any willful damage to church or school property. Students, parents or legal guardians are responsible to make restitution for damages
  • The possession, sale or use of alcohol or tobacco
  • Possession of pornographic materials

The principal may authorize a suspension on the first occasion of other offenses not listed above.

On the first or subsequent occurrences there will be an immediate suspension and the parents will be required to meet with the teacher and principal.  The principal will notify the BCD of all suspensions.


An expulsion is the removal of the student from the school for the remainder of the school year for disciplinary reasons.  Expulsion will be implemented when a behavioral problem persists after repeated suspensions or in cases where the offense is particularly severe.

Expulsions are executed by the BCD after review with the principal. Causes for immediate suspension and subsequent expulsion may include the following:

  • Possession, use or threat to use a weapon
  • Possession or use of narcotics, other drugs or hallucinogens
  • Any assault or battery on school personnel
  • Sexual misconduct


Any suspension or expulsion from GSLS may be appealed to the Board of Child Discipleship.  The parent shall present the principal with a written request, which must include the grounds for the appeal.  The BCD shall convene at the earliest convenient time for the parties concerned to hear the matter and make a decision.


Because a spirit of Christian love and respect permeates our entire ministry, it is important that concerns and ideas are discussed through the following channels:

  1. Talk to the teacher directly if you have any classroom concerns. If you are not satisfied with the results, then;
  2. Request a meeting with the principal and teacher about your concern. If you are not satisfied with the results, then;
  3. Talk to the Board of Child Discipleship about the concern that you have about the school and/or teacher. The BCD will have final authority on handling the concern.

These channels of communication were created to abide by the command of our Savior in Matthew 18.


The dress code at Good Shepherd is based on four criteria:  student dress and hairstyle should be neat, clean, decent, and appropriate for a Christian setting.

Since ours is a Christian school in which we try to train our students to be a light which reflects their Christianity to the world, proper dress is a matter of concern to us.  Philippians 4:5 tells us, “Let your moderation be known to all men.”  We are instructed in I Corinthians 10:31:  “Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”  Neat and proper attire has a definite bearing in producing an atmosphere conducive to study and reflective of the Christian attitude.  Students and parents are asked to abide by the judgment of our school’s administration in compliance with the following directives:

  • Students are not to wear T-shirts or other items which advertise rock groups, alcoholic or drug substances, bad language, or any non-Christian concept.
  • Dirty, torn, tattered, patched or frayed jeans are not permitted.
  • Caps and hats are not to be worn in the classroom.
  • Students must wear shoes for health and safety reasons. Bare feet and open-toed sandals are not permitted.
  • Students are permitted to wear shorts. A good guideline for shorts and skirts is to make sure they are longer than the child’s fingers with the arms straight at the sides.
  • Students are not to wear clothing which displays bare midriffs, bare backs, or low necklines. Tank-tops are not considered appropriate. T-shirts or polo shirts are encouraged during warmer weather.
  • Excessively tight, baggy, or saggy pants are not to be worn.
  • Remember to be reasonable and have students dress properly for daily weather conditions.

In the winter months, students still spend recess time outdoors, unless the weather is extremely cold.  Remember appropriate clothing such as caps, mittens, and boots.

The classroom teacher, in consultation with the principal if necessary, will determine the appropriateness of articles of apparel and grooming deemed “questionable”.  Students wearing improper dress may be asked to remove the offensive article of dress (if possible), turn their clothing inside out, wear a jacket to cover it, be given other clothing to wear, or may be sent home for a change of clothing.

Parents are encouraged to be good models for their children and work together with their children in choosing dress that is God-pleasing.


Each year a schedule of standardized testing will be carried out to help the staff in planning individual pupil’s programs and school curriculum. In the fall of each year, the Wisconsin Synod Commission on Lutheran Schools conducts a complete testing program throughout our synod’s schools.  Good Shepherd participates in this program by testing students in grades 4-8.  All are scored on a national norm.


Report cards are issued quarterly.  Opportunity is set aside after the first and second grading periods for parents to meet with the teacher(s) to discuss the status of the students.  A parent may call for an appointment to meet with the teacher at any time.  Individual conferences may be scheduled by the teacher as required.


Because our students in District #196 have been granted the privilege of public school transportation, students should be encouraged to be respectful and mannerly at all times while riding the bus.  Christian behavior is important in assuring this useful service in the future. Students should be at the designated loading areas promptly, since all buses operate according to a close schedule.  Information on where students get the bus and the time of departure is  sent to parents by ISD #196 in late summer after the bus schedule has been arranged for the coming year.

For those living outside District #196, no public school transportation is provided.  A refund may be available from the district in which a family resides. Parents should contact their local school district for further information.

If a student is riding the bus to another student’s house, a note signed by the parent and principal is required by the bus driver.

Please always inform the school with a note if there is any change from the normal method of transportation for your student.


The band program is offered to students in grades 5-8 through a representative from St. Croix Lutheran High School.  Schedules and fees are announced annually to those interested parties.


Field trips are a valuable learning experience and a pleasant diversion from classroom work.  Trips to points of educational interest will be undertaken whenever possible.  Written consent from parents is needed for each student planning to go on each of the trips and may involve additional costs. Additionally, Minnesota state law now requires that children age 7 and under be restrained in an appropriate, federally approved car seat or booster seat, unless the child is 4’9″ or taller. If a child does not provide his/her own booster seat, they may not be allowed to attend the field trip.


An arrangement with a photographer will be made each year so that individual or class pictures may be taken.


A library is an important tool in education.  Our school library is enlarged each year, and students may check library books out from it on a weekly basis.  However, to ensure the prompt return and general care of our books, a fine will be charged to cover any unnecessary damage.  Also, if a student exhibits tardiness in returning books, he/she will not be allowed to check out other books until the original ones are returned.  Students who lose a book will be required to repay the library the replacement cost of the book.


General Guidelines

GSLS offers interscholastic sports as part of its educational program and as an extension of the classroom.  Therefore, its primary purpose is to apply learned truths (Deuteronomy 6:5-9) and to glorify God (I Corinthians 10:31).  Our interscholastic teams are open to students in grades 5-8 only, unless an individual team requires more students.  Then, 4th graders may be invited to participate.

The coach’s primary considerations are the continued development of the young Christian and the teaching of athletic skills and team cooperation.  The coach’s responsibilities are:

  • Presentation of a good Christian role model (Matthew 5:13-16) not only during athletic competition, but also outside of it.
  • Providing supervised and organized practices and games.
  • Encouraging the team to display a Christian attitude.
  • Striving to provide an enjoyable and yet competitive environment.

Student athletes are responsible for developing the necessary skills to the best of their abilities for glorifying God by using their talents to their fullest extent.  The student athlete’s responsibilities are:

  • Attending practices and games.
  • Adhering to team and game rules.
  • Remembering that they are not only representatives of the school, but also the “light of the world,” and thereby conduct themselves as young Christian athletes.
  • Accepting both winning and losing with a Christian attitude (Romans 8:28).

Any parental concerns that might arise should be handled in a Christian manner by speaking to the coach first. (Matthew 18:15). Any student problems will be dealt with between the coach and student first, coach and parents second, and finally, between coach, athletic director and parents.  An athletic fee of $15.00 per athlete per sport is charged.

Sports Eligibility

In an effort to promote God-pleasing priorities related to school sports and the welfare of the students entrusted to the school’s care, all students are expected to adhere to the previous guidelines. When eligibility concerns arise, the student’s parents, teacher(s) and the athletic director will discuss the current state of each student’s academics and behavior.  If the student is found to be working up to his/her potential in his/her studies and his/her overall behavior demonstrates an attitude which reflects a desire to be a positive representative of his/her Lord as well as the church and school, that student will be granted the privilege of participation in the athletic program.

Should either grades or behavior become a problem during the course of the season, the student’s participation will be re-evaluated by the same individuals, and participation may be suspended until such time as grades and behavior return to an acceptable level.  Should a student be deemed ineligible, the student’s coaches will be notified by the athletic director.

The school reserves the right to deny eligibility to any student.  If there is disagreement between the parent(s) and the school representatives on eligibility, the matter will come before the principal for decision.  Every effort will be made to reach a cooperative decision, based on the student’s best interests.


In order to create a closer relationship between the school and the home, between the teacher and the parents, our teachers will seek to visit the homes of new students and families in their classroom each year.


In keeping with the program of religious training in the school, all students are expected to attend divine services with their parents.  It is hoped that the example of the parent in this regard will support the teachings learned in school regarding devotion to God’s Word.  For members of Good Shepherd it is also desirable that your student participate in the Sunday School program offered by the church.  It supplements the student’s training.


All parents and interested members of the congregation are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in Lamplighters-PTO.  This group meets several times during the school year featuring educational and informative topics which are considered of interest to its members and of benefit to the school.  Parents are also given the opportunity to consult with the faculty members, the Principal, and to become better acquainted with our principles of education.  Meeting dates will be announced at the beginning of the year in a newsletter.  Dues of $5.00 per family is suggested and can be paid on Registration Day.


GSLS provides access to computer equipment, an Internal local area network (LAN), and the Internet for instructional purposes.  Strict guidelines for the use of this “equipment and services” are in place and will be enforced.  All 1st-8th grade students must read, understand, and sign the “User Agreement,” and parents must sign a permission form before their students will be allowed access to the equipment and services.  The “User Agreement” is part of the registration package that parents receive when registering their children. Parents should read this agreement, provided in Appendix C, for more detailed information.

Violation of any of the guidelines may result in: the immediate and permanent loss of use of the equipment and services; a conference with the student’s parents, the student and school personnel to decide on consequences; and any consequences that the teacher/supervisor feels is necessary and appropriate.


If a family would like to pursue counseling services, please contact the school office for more information.


You parents, hear what Jesus taught

When little ones to Him were brought.

“Forbid them not, but heed my plea,

And let the children come to me.”


Obey your Lord and let His truth

Be taught your children in their youth

That they in church and school may dwell

And learn their Savior’s praise to tell.


For if you love them as you ought,

To Christ your children will be brought.

If thus you place them in His care,

You and your household well shall fare.  Amen. (CW #516)