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A Preschool Day

A Preschool Day

Sample Daily Schedule

The schedule is very flexible and may vary depending on each child’s needs, interests, and abilities for the day. The schedule is a tool to make the day run more smoothly and to give the students a feeling of adhering to a routine.

Arrival and Large Group “Meeting Time”
Letter of Day/Calendar/Singing/Planning
Work Time
Children select from a variety of activities designed to enhance all areas of development
Bible Lesson
Large Motor Play -Playground or Gym
Pre-Reading/Math Activity/Art Project/ Singing
Story/Review of Day/Prayer and Dismissal

We keep in contact with parents through emails and regular communication.
Entries like this are common: PreK News for Week of Sept. 12-16

I just wanted to give you all a short update on what we’ve been up to in PreK so far. I’m very pleased that our “beginning school routines” are falling into place nicely and the children seem to be settling in. The children are even remembering many of their classmates names.
We have been intently watching our Monarch Caterpillars grow each day and enjoy cleaning out their poop and feeding them fresh milkweed from our property. As we were hunting for milkweed we also saw something pretty cool – a grasshopper got caught in a spider web and immediately the spider started spitting out his silk threads to trap the grasshopper. It was very cool to watch this quick process. Luckily the spider didn’t start eating the grasshopper while we were watching! Haha
We have experienced all the different “work” areas of the classroom. Ask your child which one he likes being in the most: Blocks, Toys (trucks, cars, track, play house), kitchen, dress-up, art, books, or puzzles.
You may have noticed I allowed the children to check out a library book. I will allow only one book at a time to be checked out. So when he/she returns it, a new one may go home. Make this into a good responsibility lesson, as well as a good reading lesson, by helping your child choose a designated spot in your home to put the book when you’re not reading it and how to handle books gently, etc.
I hope each week you take time to read the “Panther News” from your email or gold paper copy. There are often things that apply to PreK as well as grades K-8. For instance, this week I hope you especially noted that School Pictures are next Thursday, Sept. 22. An order form will be sent home by Monday.
The “Marathon for Non-Public Education” on Oct. 1 sounds fun. Hope you can arrange to join us. This will be our school’s first time participating in this event.
Our Bible lessons have been focusing on Creation from the 1st and 2nd chapter of Genesis. We’ve been storing our lesson sheets in our binder for now. In a week or so I’ll start sending them home so you can add to it yourself and review the lesson with your child.
This coming Monday, Sept. 19, the 4 year olds are going on their first Field Trip to Wood Lake Nature Center in Richfield to learn about seeds and will press apple cider! Thanks ahead of time for all those who agreed to drive! Couldn’t do it without you! Pray for nice weather!
Speaking of praying, please keep me, and our whole class, in your prayers this year. I promise to pray for your family as well. I intend to do my best to nurture their faith in God and teach them and help them strive to attain the next level as they mature and develop, no matter where they are starting. Please keep the communication flowing between us all year long as I believe this helps me to better understand your child and his/her needs, as well as helping you to understand where I’m coming from. We are a team and God is our coach! To him be the glory for all our gifts and success.
Have a wonderful weekend!

If you don’t have a church home or faith-family, please consider joining Good Shepherd Sunday mornings (or Thursday evenings) for worship and Bible classes for all ages. We’d love to share Jesus’ life teaching with you and extend his forgiveness and promise of eternal salvation to you! You’ll find service times and lots of information on our web site: