Good Shepherd Lutheran Church | Burnsville, MN

Hot Lunch

Good Shepherd School offers a Hot Lunch Program to all students Monday-Friday that is catered by Lancer Catering. There is an annual fee to use this service for the year, but after that the students may choose what days of any given month they wish to purchase lunch based on their preferences. Lancer provides a variety of options throughout the month. The menus are provided in advance so the students have plenty of time to make their choices for the following month.

Our kitchen is licensed and certified, and kept in excellent condition in order to serve our students in a safe and healthy environment. During our school lunch time approximately 11 am-1 pm (with the younger children eating earlier and the older children eating later) there are parent volunteers who graciously give of their time to serve our students. The parent volunteers are required to attend a kitchen/lunch training class in order to be well prepared to serve our students. The volunteers measure the portions for each student to be sure they are receiving the appropriate serving sizes. There is chocolate or white milk available for purchase with lunch if they wish.