Good Shepherd Lutheran Church | Burnsville, MN

Sixth Week Lent Worship, Wed 4:30pm

The unbelieving world has always insisted on putting God on trial. As our society becomes more secular, we Christians are increasingly aware of the many ways in which God—and his people—are judged. Temptations are many in this environment: treating unbelievers as enemies, retreating from the world, even questioning God ourselves. How do we live as people of God in this hostile world? We find our model—and our motivation—in Jesus. This series takes us back to the moments when God was literally on trial before men in the person of Christ. In these inspired episodes, we find forgiveness for us and all people, love for our enemies, strength for our faith, and courage to testify to the truth.
Please join us for “God on Trial” a Midweek Advent Worship Series. Ash Wednesday services will be held at 4:30pm and 7pm, with a potluck meal at 5:30pm. The remaining Lent services will be held at 4:30pm each Wednesday, Feb. 21 – March 20.
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