Good Shepherd Lutheran Church | Burnsville, MN


Good Shepherd Lutheran Pioneers is a Children’s Ministry program which includes Lutheran Girl Pioneers (LGP) and Lutheran Pioneers (LP).

Girl Pioneers:

  • Homesteaders (7th & 8th grades)
  • Trailblazers (5th & 6th grades)
  • Travelers (3rd & 4th grades)
  • Sunbeams (1st & 2nd grades)

Lutheran Girl Pioneers is a Christ-centered youth ministry for the girls of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) and those in fellowship with the WELS. Although camping and building fires may come to mind when you hear of Pioneers, today Pioneers is so much more! It is an opportunity for girls to discover and develop interests in many areas. Girls may choose to explore art, drama, photography, leadership, pet care or gardening – just to name a few. LGP strives to help each girl become a happy, confident and useful member of her home, church, school and community.

Boy Pioneers:

  • Older Boys (5th – 8th grades)
  • Younger Boys (3rd -4th grades)
  • Younger Boys (1st – 2nd grades)

Lutheran Pioneers exists to assist congregations in nurturing and training adolescent and preteen boys in the Lord, so that they will remain faithful to Him and faithfully serve Him throughout their lives. The program is committed to teaching all subject matter – whether tying knots, archery, budgeting, home repair, or countless others – in a manner in keeping with the inerrant Word of God, and the doctrinal teachings of the WELS. LP encourages fellowship with Christians, and serving the Lord through opportunities to serve our fellow man within family, church, school and community.

Meeting Format: 6pm – 8pm, once per month (usually Mondays), Sept. – May

  • Devotions (15 min) Each Pioneer meeting will begin at 6:30pm with a short devotion in the Worship Center. All children and leaders should sit with their group for devotions. Parents are encouraged to stay for devotion. Announcements will follow the devotion.
  • Caravan/Wagon Meeting (60 min) Attendance, work on projects, crafts, requirements, and clean-up.
  • Social & Snack Time (10 min) Individual groups determine who will bring snacks.
  • Closing (5 min) Parents must come to the group classrooms to pick up children. Children will not be permitted to leave the room without the adult taking them home.

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