Good Shepherd Lutheran Church | Burnsville, MN

Pastors, Staff, Leadership

Pastor Dan Walters accepted his call to serve as a pastor at Good Shepherd in October of 2017.

In addition to our dedicated office staff, Good Shepherd is thankful for members who are willing to share extra time, along with their talents, to serve as leaders for the ministries at Good Shepherd. Good Shepherd’s Leadership Team is formed by elected chairmen of each of its ministry areas. Each serve staggered two-year terms.

Adult Discipleship: Jeff Buller
Child Discipleship: Corey Schmiedeberg
Church Properties: Rick Osberg
Member Support: Scott Maas
Outreach: Ryan Cairney
Stewardship: Paul Wirth

The church also elects an Executive Team:
President: Warren Backer
Vice President (also Elders leader): Pete Strand
Treasurer: Arnie Bousley