Good Shepherd Lutheran Church | Burnsville, MN

Youth Confirmation

Youth Confirmation, or Catechism Instruction, is given to students in 7th and 8th grade to prepare them for their earthly lifetime as well as eternity in heaven.

Youth members receive pastoral instruction during Family Faith Night during the school year (Sep. – Apr.). Family Faith Night is held Wednesdays. A fellowship meal is served from 5-6pm. After a large group prayer, attendees break into age or topic appropriate groups for “Sunday school”, youth and adult bible studies, journey groups, and Confirmation class. Parents are encouraged to participate in instruction by providing support and guidance for homework assignments and memory work.

For instruction, Good Shepherd utilizes the new edition of Luther’s Catechism (2011 NIV), which is is designed to engage and equip generations, today and in the future, with the basic truths of God’s Holy Word. Developed in collaboration with the Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary education department, this catechism includes Luther’s enchiridion and exposition on the six chief parts: the Ten Commandments, the Apostles’ Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, Baptism, the Use of Keys and Confession, and the Lord’s Supper. The highlights of this edition include:

  • A question-and-answer approach that develops student’s ability to discover truths directly from the Bible
  • A “Connections” section at the end of each unit that introduces a Bible history or other larger section from Scripture, together with thought questions to elicit discussion
  • Quotes from Luther and hymn verses at the end of each unit that encourage use as a devotional tool
  • Fresh readability that engages verbal learners
  • Full-color layout and engaging diagrams that aid visual learners

To compliment Luther’s Catechism, The Catechism Connections: Expressions of My Faith workbook is also used for instruction. This indispensable workbook compliments Luther’s Catechism and offers space for students to record Bible passages. Lined sections on each page allow students to take notes on the six chief parts, the questions from the exposition, the “Connections” section, and the Bible memory work, making this a valuable keepsake as the student grows in faith. A commemorative page is also included in the front, providing space for confirmation date, place, pastors, and verse.