Good Shepherd Lutheran Church | Burnsville, MN

Contemporary Worship

The Contemporary Worship at Good Shepherd is a “blended” style with a praise band and more relational and casual feel, yet worshipful and praise focused.

Element Blended/Contemporary
Summary Relational, seeker friendly & more casual, connecting more with current culture. In a blended service, you have both aspects of contemporary and traditional music, but in a more user friendly approach. The service is designed with the worship experience in mind, working to remove barriers and make it comfortable for the non-churched person to connect with the message/Bible and faith community to be encouraged and uplifted.
Atmosphere Mood would match the service theme but would tend to more create a celebratory/praise atmosphere, perhaps a little less formal and “family friendly.”
Musical Instruments Music would be primarily guitar/keyboard driven with the use of rhythm, string and contemporary instruments, drums, etc.
Choir All welcome. Adult and Children’s Choir
Praise Team Every week – this team must commit to regular practice.  Lead and backup voices determined and mic’d appropriately.  Would have a “worship leader” of the team, who could introduce a song or the service. The team would practice together to sync more as a performance group.
Liturgies Would include the “heartbeat” elements of liturgy (confession, readings, creed, sacrament) but custom ways – (i.e. music played behind a reading, etc.)
Creed Apostles, Nicene, or other forms (could sing or say or be read, etc. – creating variety)
Bulletin Elements of service printed – rely more heavily on PowerPoint; perhaps service outline
Midweek Advent & Lent NONE
Musicians Praise Teams that would consistently rehearse and play together.
Children’s Church To start, same children’s message; Future; provide a worship setting for kids at their level 3 out of 4 Sundays a month.  This would require staffing and resources – possibly 2-3 staff each week.
Sermon Same sermon each service. (abbreviated liturgy allows for bit longer sermon – 25-30 min). Might have chair/more casual teaching approach.
Preservice Might have announcements pre-worship (ppt) with worship start countdown ppt
Prayers Possibly more “ex corde” based on prayer request/needs of the day. Submitted prayer request (more dynamic)
Lord’s Prayer YES, not bound to use every week.
Ushers Ushers more inside worship area handing out and helping people get seated.  Welcome team more the “front end” vs many individuals standing by the doors. Ushers ok to wear casual shorts, etc.
Communion Distribution Continuous flow distribution – individual cup only
Where do singers sing Out in front – even by baptismal font?
Greeting Done by worship leader (lay or pastor) – greeting of people, introduce worship theme and move into opening song. More robust welcome to worship.
Pastoral Garb No gowns –
Streaming Yes
Use of video More regularly
Mission Minutes Planned and scheduled during offering (sound matches tone/flow of worship)
Guest interaction Use of Friendship Register; Getting started cards; texting info
Dress Casual – Come as you are! – perhaps business casual/jeans for singers
Altar Committee Same as current minus no common cup in this service
Planning Teams Team with individuals to focus and plan contemporary worship (Current: Warren, Mary H. Judy B.)


Preacher does whole service to provide clear continuity of worship theme.  If lay leader is used, direction given to that individual to ensure clear communication of theme/connections in service.